Vision Quest

Re-experience your Natural Self

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7 or 14 days

Flemish Ardennes — 22/08/22

The fundamental purpose of a Vision Quest is to experience your Natural Self in a very simple and clear way. Utilizing the core principles of relaxation and presence, this practice helps refine the experiential fields of perception through a conscious and very sensorial connection to your natural surroundings.

One with your Nature

Your Vision Quest and wilderness experience can result in a significant reduction of daily stress, an increase in creativity, and a more clear, centred and harmonious awareness, all of which helps you be well equipped to handle the challenges and opportunities that life may have to offer. If you choose to trust, the natural world can support you in the process of unveiling profound peace and respecting your authentic Self.

The 14 Day Vision Quest provides a superb opportunity to cultivate the authentic experience and realisation of one’s essential union with nature and to enter into the direct experience of Primordial Source Awareness. It involves significant time alone in nature. With this amount of time away from human culture: technology, society, family, and friends – you get a rare opportunity to relax, enter deep presence, experience your True Nature. 

The experience


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We are sorry, but this quest is only accessible for people who previously joined a Laughing Shaman training.

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Vision Quest Experience by Lieve De Boeck

7 day — Vision Quest Experience


Registration includes:

  • All sessions, circles & activities.
  • Excellent flexitarian food prepared by Christel.
  • Lodging (in the tipi).

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Reserve your spot by paying a 50% deposit by March 31st. Pay the rest by June 1st.

Your journey continus

!!!NEW TEXT!!! Want to find out the secret of life by experiencing it yourself? Then take part in this 7 days and nights solo time in Nature and discover all the answers within.

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Important notice

If you cancel your registration, you will be reimbursed 50% if canceled two or more weeks before the start of the retreat, and 25% if canceled less than two weeks before the course.

Practical information

  • 22/08: Arrival – program starts @ 8pm
  • 23/08: Preparation & awareness training
  • 24/08: Walk to solo site, start 7 or 14 day quest
  • 31/08: Return & integration ceremonie – 7 days 
  • 01/09: Re-entry back home – 7 days 
  • 08/09: Return & integration ceremonie – 14 days 
  • 09/09: Re-entry back home – 14 days 

Somewhere in Nature! ?  The exact location will be chosen by you.

Payment details

Reserve your spot by paying a 50% deposit! 

Transfer 900€ on BE67 7350 0546 1387 mentioning your name and “VQ-2022-reservation“ before March 31st to reserve your spot.

Full payment is due on the 1st of June 2022This means transfer 950€ on BE67 7350 0546 1387 mentioning your name.

Of course you can pay 1.850€ in one time if you prefer.

International Bank Transfer:
IBAN: BE67 7350 0546 1387

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