Sufi & Vision Dance Ceremony

Dancing & moving from dusk till dawn

Sacred Sufi Ceremony

Saturday 19/06 from dusk till dawn

Welcome for a candlelight celebration of the Divine dance of masculine & feminine energies inside of you.

To celebrate the light we gather by dawn on the meadow to whirl through darkness till sunrise. We welcome the longest day of the year by honoring the fire in ourselves.
When you reconnect to this joyfull source inside, you become a source for all your relations… and so for the world and the whole universe.

When the world dances in fear… we choose to dance on the beautiful grounds of Love, which embraces All.

Gert Daniels will guide this Sacred Sufi Dance Ceremony on the sacred land in the magical forest amongst the deer and squirrels.

Kogi Indian purification ritual

Sunday 20/06 @sunrise

At SUNRISE Carlos Sanchez will give us pure white cotton from the Kogi Indians in Colombia. This little cotton balls will be held in our right and left hand to purify us. Everything you feel, think, eat, do, … you give the the cotton. These we will give back to Mother Earth so the load can be dissolved. The pollution is in our thoughts.

So a very beautiful purification ritual after we whirled around all night and with the sun rising at the horizon we thank the light, sun, fire, … on this Midsummer morning.

Vision Dance Ceremony

Sunday 20/06 @10h

After breakfast and a relaxing sauna we start with the rapé ceremony and continu with a blindfolded trance dance barefoot in nature.

This moment in time is very precious. There is only this moment. We are all here as midwives (and mid-men) to give birth to our consciousness. The animated world has seeds inside of us, so it is good to come together and water these seeds with the highest quality of crystalline energy, love and compassion.

Together we can dance our dream to live… amidst chaos, amidst the darkest nights… the light is born. We dance for strenght, with our power animals and ancestors, for a Vision, for a future for the children of our children and many lives ahead of us…

The sacred Vision Dance will be guided by Gert Daniels and Lieve De Boeck.


“Sufi & Vision Dance Ceremony”

Registration closed

This event is over. See you in 2022

Practical information



  • 19h00: doors open & get comfy time
  • @sunset: Sacred Sufi Ceremony (ends @sunrise)


  • 09h00: breakfast
  • 11h00: Vision Dance ceremony (ends @14h)
  • 14h30: midsummer potluck
Entrance fee – 120€
What is included?
  • two ceremonies led by Gert & Lieve
  • breakfast & drinks (water, tea and juice)
  • private forest (with toilet and cold shower)
  • use of cosy barrel sauna with a view
  • warm and loving people ❤️
What do I need to bring?

Whatever you need to feel comfortable and to have a great time in nature and also:

  • Persian carpet
  • tent / caravan / shelter
  • blindfold for vision dance
  • food to share with others (potluck) ?
Payment details

IBAN: BE67 7350 0546 1387

Mentioning your name and “SUFI2021”.

Payments are due by June 12th. Your payment confirms your registration. First paid first served.

Questions? Concerns? Special requests?

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