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The Laughing Shaman

An Inspirational Training on How to Embrace Your Self

The Laughing Shaman

In a nutshell

WONDER as new born

Flemish Ardennes, Belgium

EMBRACE all in you

Flemish Ardennes, Belgium

SEE through the illusion

In nature

PLAY the game

Flemish Ardennes, Belgium


What can you expect?

During three weekends and one week we go on a journey together to encounter our true teacher, our Truth. We inspire each other by accepting what is. We see through the human conditioning that prevents us of just being in the moment. And as human being we also accept being human.



as new born

Every moment is new and for that we invite wonder to be able to experience and accept the moment as it is. Self-knowledge leads to wonder, and wonder to curiosity and investigation, so that nothing interests people more than people, even if only one’s own person. So let’s sit and walk together and see what happens spontaneously without controlling or trying to steer anything in that moment.

On the menu:

  • Silent Walk
  • Observing Energy
  • Catching Dreams



all in you

We invite the angel and the devil in ourselves and see them as poles of the same unity. Realizing that what we fear most is nothing but an idea about ourselves. By giving our attention to what we fear most, it doesn’t steer our lives any longer. We understand that we depend on enemies and outsiders to define ourselves, and that without some opposition we would be lost. So the more resolutely you ask the question “Who or what am I?” – the more unavoidable is the realization that you are nothing at all, apart from everything else.

On the menu: 

  • Silent Sweat lodge
  • Feeding your demons
  • Dancing to celebrate all there is



through the illusion

We initiate ourselves by sitting in nature for four days and three nights realizing we are never alone. Inspiration is all around us realizing that we are not separated from all that so we are all that. This Vision Quest is a quest to become what we are before we became. Everything is here. We just have to look and see!

On the menu:

  • 4 day vision quest in nature (in solitude)
  • Cleansing ritual (in the river or with the fire)
  • Gatherings around the sacred fire



the game

Time to be your own teacher. Time to inspire each other by speaking your Truth. Time for co-creation. Time to realize the meaning of life is to be alive. That the universe is at root a magical illusion and a fabulous game and there is no separate “you” to get something out of life. For “you” is the universe looking at itself from billions points of view, points that come and go so that the vision is forever new. So Time to Play!

On the menu:

  • Sharing your Present
  • Pray for Grace
  • Gratefulness

Nogmaals bedankt voor jouw warme en liefdevolle begeleiding… Het was een zeer intense ervaring… tot in de kern van mijn wezen ❤️ Je bent een fantastisch persoon, die je warmte en liefde deelt met je medemens… En dat doet ongelooflijk deugd!!

Tom Libbrecht – Gent

What your being is offering to the universe, to all of us, … is beyond words. From the bottom of the heart, thank you dear Lieve, for helping us see the colours of Life.

Vicky Bettendorff – Brussel

Ik heb met deze lachende sjamaan een week- retreate gedaan in Portugal… Ik heb nog nooit zo‘n zachte en krachtige begeleiding ervaren in 1 persoon. En iemand die zo mee de diepte kan inreizen maar ook haar vrolijkheid en lichtheid bijhoudt… ik wens iedereen zo’n sjamaan toe op zijn/ haar pad!

San Eyckmans – Antwerpen

So much more than a training

Hannes Malfait, talks with Lieve De Boeck about the positive effects of a Vision Quest, a squirrel 🐿️  and his experience that goes far beyond just a training. — Podcast in dutch.

Lieve De Boeck

I am no more and no less than a channel to pass on love, and it is my choice to be no more or no less in this world.

As with every human being, my path is littered with roses and thorns, but in the meantime I have learned that one is not better than the other. Everything is good.

I also found out that the past is nothing more than a story and the future is no more than a dream. I try to fully surrender in the now.

It’s simple for me. I work on the basis of trust. The life I have lived with untold experiences and trainings has brought me to this point. To radiate my unique being to inspire others to do this – in their unique way -.

Start your journey

Want to find out the secret of life by experiencing it yourself? Then take part in this illusionary dance by not taking yourself so seriously and find out how important nothing is. Come and discover all the answers within.

The Laughing Shaman by Lieve De Boeck

The Laughing Shaman


Registration includes:

  • All sessions, circles & activities. Incl. 4 day vision quest in nature.
  • Excellent flexitarian food prepared by Christel.
  • Lodging (bedrooms sometimes shared with another person).

But also:

  • The possibility to assist in other ceremonies that I organize.
  • Participating in a network where we inspire each other by radiating our uniqueness.
  • Giving yourself the gift of your Self.

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Practical information


2-4 February 2024
3-5 May 2024
22-28 July 2024
29 November – 1 December 2024

What do I need to bring?

Before the start of each new module you will receive all the info you need to prepare your Self.

Payment options

Reserve your spot by transferring 2.450€ on BE67 7350 0546 1387 mentioning your name and “TLS2024 – early bird“.
Payment is due on the 1st of December 2023.

Reserve your spot by transferring 2.600€ on BE67 7350 0546 1387 mentioning your name and “TLS2024“.
Payment is due on the 6th of January 2024.

By International Bank Transfer:
IBAN: BE67 7350 0546 1387

Spreading the payment over time can be considered, please contact Lieve De Boeck with your proposal.

Your travel costs are NOT included.

Important notice

You subscribe for the year so by registering you agree to pay the full amount. All excuses are part of the illusion so it is your honesty that counts in this game.

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